The SYSTEM system creates customized, programmable encounter forms, with important demographic and clinical data presenting to the clinician at the point-of-care, facilitating more comprehensive encounter documentation. With the SYSTEM Dynamic Encounter, data is easily captured at the time of the visit, allowing clinical staff and providers to streamline all necessary clinic operations.

Injury Care:

SYSTEM can be used for treating, documenting, managing, and reporting injuries and illnesses, which can be initiated from a visit to the clinic, or in advance, via an employee portal. This allows incidents to be reported anytime, day or night. And regardless of how the information is captured, SYSTEM can compile the recorded data into form overlays, minimizing the need for redundant data entry, while also easing reporting burdens.

Dictation & Transcription:

SYSTEM has seamlessly integrated dictation into the workflow to provide the clinician a variety of input methods. As important as dictation is to the daily workflow of the physician, it is equally important to have a streamlined process to have those dictation files converted to text. SYSTEM also includes a robust transcription module for this reason.

Work-Related Exams:

SYSTEM offers various work-related encounters, which help with managing applicants and pre-placements, as well as examining and documenting fitness, wellness, and one's certification.