Adding a Subject to Documents

A Subject field is available when adding documents to the Enterprise Health system. This allows sketches, Word documents, PDF documents, text files, and others to have a subject associated with them at the time of creation, rather than having users edit the document properties after the file has been created, imported, or uploaded.

Document Details / Properties

Every stored document in Enterprise Health has document properties that specify details pertaining to the document. Clicking the Properties link, found on the upper-right side of every document, will display the various properties for the document.

Additionally, below the listed document properties, all revisions, linkings, and routings of the document are tracked and displayed in table format.

Subject Field

Having a Subject field for each document is a helpful, important feature. Use the Subject field to enter a free-text subject to any type of document stored (e.g., saved, uploaded, scanned, etc.) within Enterprise Health .

Access the document needing a subject by clicking the document ID. This opens the document view. Subjects can be added or edited from the view of the document by simply clicking the Add or Edit link found in the Subject field.

After clicking the Add or Edit link, a pop-up box will allow the subject to be modified, as needed. Click the Save button to retain the modification.

An alternative method for updating or adding a subject to a document is through the document properties. Access the document, and click the Properties link. After the page loads, click the Edit Properties link, enter a subject in the Subject field, and click the Submit Changes button.

Searching By Subject

A Subject column will display in any List View system-wide, if the System Setting (“E-Chart”, “Defaults”, “Display Document Subject in ListView”) is enabled. This functionality provides an easy-to-use resource for scanning through, or perusing, several documents.

There is also a means to search the system by subject criteria using the Document Search feature. Please see the additional help documentation Documents Report-Super DocSearch .

The Subject field of any stored email documents cannot be added or edited, because the subject is taken from the email’s original subject. The subject is created when the email reminders are triggered from the Enterprise Health modules.

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