Burning DICOM Images onto CD/DVD

If you wish to burn the DICOM images onto a CD, log into Enterprise Health and get into the patient’s chart.  Select the specific chart tab that stores the DICOM images being burned to a CD.

When you are on the appropriate chart tab, it will display the List View For Images. This lists all the DICOM images this patient has stored in Enterprise Health .

In the Print column of each image line item, click BATCH on each image you want to burn.  Batching allows you to select as many images as you want and creates them in a batch to burn onto the CD.

Find another patient’s images by going into another patient’s chart tab and selecting their image(s) to batch using the same steps.

Continue selecting as many studies (images) as you need, for as many patients as you need.

If you make a mistake, click on the Remove link for that study

Once you click batch, it changes the option to Remove.

While you are batching DICOM images, you will notice at the very top a DICOM information summary Print and Burn link.  This shows and is tracking how many images/items you have batched for DICOM printing or burning.

When you have batched all the images and are ready to burn the images onto the disk, click on the Burn link at the top in that DICOM information summary.

The images you batched will appear in a new window.  When all of the images have appeared, click on the Create Disk button at the bottom (or close, to escape out and start over). Under the Send To, you can click on the [+] show or [-] hide viewing options for what you want to burn.


If this is the first time burning images from the system on the computer currently being used, users must download the tool before proceeding!

Click on the download a tool link in the window that appears.

Make sure you have a recordable DVD in the drive, then click on the Click here to Download the Disk.

From this screen, click on Open and wait for the file to finish.

In the Source section, leave the radio button selected on Image File.

And, in the Recorder section, select the drive you’re going to burn to by using the drop-down arrow.

Click the Next button and wait for the process to complete (100%).  The disk should eject.

If the window doesn’t give you the option to click Finish, then close the window with the red X in the upper right corner.

Close any other open windows.

The disk can be read by any PC (computer), as the necessary software is actually included on the disk.

If the autorun option is not enabled for the PC (computer), then you can explore the disk, and double click on the MeFilmLt.exe, and follow the directions on the screen.

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