DICOM Modality Work List (MWL)

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In most cases, once MWL is installed and configured on the base system, configuring MWL for a DICOM entity is as simple as checking a box.

  1. Navigate to the DICOM sidemenu, and click the View Application Entities link in the upper-right corner.

  1. Once the list of configured entities has loaded, click Edit on the entity you wish to configure for MWL.

  1. When the Application Entity editor opens, checkmark the Allow MWL Query option and click the Submit Changes button. This option gives the configured device the ability to send MWL queries to the server and receive orders based upon the query criteria.

This is all that is required to enable MWL on a configured DICOM entity, so long as the device supports standard MWL protocol.

MWL Configuration

The MWL configuration requires the installation of the dicomd_mwl application.

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