AlternaTIFF ActiveX Control for WebScan

The Enterprise Health system can efficiently scan and index the paper charts a practice currently has, as well as paper reports that most medical practices continue to receive. Further, Enterprise Health facilitates the reception of digital documents sent via HL7 interfaces, or using such standards as LOINC. The AlternaTIFF ActiveX Control and MIEScanner Plug-in must to be installed in order for WebScan, as well as for other features, to function properly.

Installing Components

When working with WebScan, users may be prompted to install and, the cabinet files for the ActiveX control and MIEScanner plug-in. Both of these are needed for the WebScan program and other modules within the Enterprise Health system.

These instructions are for users on a Windows 10 operating system. Users must have Administrator privileges to install ActiveX Controls.
  1. When prompted, click Install, or allow installation of the necessary components for the WebScan functionality. Depending on device and browser, the website will trigger an alert and request that notifies the user of the pending installation.

  1. When prompted with, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?, click Yes. This message will display twice, and the user will need to select Yes for both messages. These messages are designed to ask permission to make changes to the device, in order to install necessary components.

Add Trusted Site

Users may choose to add Enterprise Health as a Trusted Site in their Internet Options, as a means to bypass the required permission requests discussed in the installation process, above.

To add a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Options and click the Security tab.
  2. Within the Trusted Sites zone, click the Sites Button.

  1. Add the URL to the Trusted Sites field, and click the Add button.

  1. Click the Close button.
  2. Set the security level for this zone to Low.

  1. Select the Apply button, and then click OK to finish.

Reactivate AlternaTIFF ActiveX Control

If there are problems with the downloaded AlternaTIFF ActiveX Controls, users can choose to reactivate the controls as a means to rectify the issue(s).

The reactivation only works for Internet Explorer. Please call our Help Desk at (260) 459-6270, option 1, if assistance is needed with other web browsers.

To reactivate the controls:

  1. Navigate to the AlternaTIFF website:
  2. The Reactivate AlternaTIFF ActiveX control page will load. This page also provides details on how to reconfigure the AlternaTIFF control, though it is only intended for users of Internet Explorer.
    1. Once the page launches, users will see the following prompt:

  1. To reactivate the controls, select Yes. This will reconfigure Internet Explorer to use AlternaTIFF to view TIFF files.

  2. Once complete, users will see the AlternaTIFF confirmation message:

If issues persist, please reach out to our Help Desk at (260) 459-6270, option 1 for assistance.

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