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Help is always available in Enterprise Health . At the top right corner of your  Enterprise Health screen session is a help (?) bubble. Click that to access  Enterprise Health Online Help. Once you click the (?) a pop-up window of  Enterprise Health Online Help will open on your screen. You can type search phrases in the field at the top or click the index hyperlink at the bottom right corner of this screen to get a full index of all help documents.

This is an example of a phrase search where I typed in the word dictation and then hit my return key and all help documents (which are stored as pdf files) are shown that match that word that I typed in. I can click the pdf file I wish to get into and access.

Or you can click the Index hyperlink found at the bottom right corner of this help window to see a full library listing of all help documents (stored in pdf format) that are available in the Online Help feature. When you click the index link it will show a full library split up into module sections with related help pdf file within it.

To access any help pdf file document, simply click on the name of the file and the pdf will open on your screen. You can view on your screen or you can print it out. To get out of any pdf file or this Online Help functionality at any time, simply click the X at the top right corner of each separate opened window and/or tab.

System Notifications

If you sign up for notifications in our Online Help screen,  Enterprise Health will alert you the instant your system becomes unavailable or if response time crosses pre-defined threshold levels. This allows you to be notified of your system performance and ensure a good experience. You can enroll for email and/or text message notifications.

To enroll in  Enterprise Health notifications, click the top right corner (?) help icon which will open the screen named  Enterprise Health * Online Help*. At the bottom right corner of this pop-up screen you will see the hyperlink named Notification. Click that to enroll (or edit/update your info) for  Enterprise Health notifications.


This is for each logged in user. You would not enter in multiple or someone else’s email/text #, etc. This is for you (the logged in user) only to be notified. If other users need to be enrolled in  Enterprise Health  notifications then they will need to do these themselves when logged into  Enterprise Health .

Once you click the Notification hyperlink, the screen will change to show you some instructions regarding the  Enterprise Health notifications functionality.

To enroll in the  Enterprise Health notifications, simply checkmark the checkbox next to Downtime Alerts. There may be other future notification categories to be able to enroll in, but currently only  Enterprise Health Downtime Alerts is available.

Once you checkmark to enroll in Downtime Alerts, more fields will open for you to enter and submit. This is where you choose what method of notification you wish to receive and the corresponding details related to that specific method(s). If you sign up for email method, your email address will prepopulate with the one that is in your username screen. If nothing pre-populates or you wish it to go to a different email address, you can type it in and change it there.

After you are done entering your details, click the SUBMIT QUERY button. The screen will refresh, keeping you here on this screen viewing your notification detail and you can then exit. If you need to “edit” any information here for notifications at any time, simply come back to this notifications screen and you can then change any information that is stored in those fields and click Submit Query button again to send the updated information.


You must have security to “Manage Users” set to at least “Edit Self” in order to see the Notifications link and opt-in.

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