Super User Quick View Portlet

If you are a superuser and need access to view or edit the following areas of the Control Panel sidemenu, you will need additional security access to do so.

When trying to access any of the areas listed above and you do not have additional SuperUser access, an error message will display.

Any SuperUser that requires a password to access those areas above should consult their MIE Implementer.

To access and activate the SuperUser access required, the user must:

  1. Add the SuperUser portlet to the Quick View sidemenu.

  1. Next, locate the Super User portlet and click the Unlock for this Session button.

  1. Enter the password provided by your MIE Implementer.

  1. Click the Enable button after keying in the password.
  2. If successful, the button in the Super User portlet will display Super user access enabled. The super user can now go to those areas above, that were previously restricted.

  1. If the system did not recognize the correct password, it will alert you to try again.

The password enables the logged-in superuser access to the areas mentioned above. In other words, after the superuser signs out, the superuser must re-enter the password into the portlet, in order to regain access to those areas. The password is not required for normal functionality.

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