How to Install MIEPlayer Control

There is also added support to Enterprise Health for the MIEplayer plugin to be used in alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. Firefox will open a plugin downloader and manually installing the plugin will get a user up and running. Chrome and other browsers require more work. will host details. If user is on a Macintosh, a java plugin can be optionally setup to be used. It is not as feature rich but functional. The steps described below are for Internet Explorer.

  1. Log into your Enterprise Health system.
  2. Under the E-Chart tab, enter “Oil” in the search box to find test patient like Olive Oil or Mickey Mouse, etc.

  1. Get into the test patient’s chart and click on the Add Dictation link under the test patient’s name from any tab.

  1. Depending on your Internet Explorer settings you may see a notice about the information bar. Click close. Otherwise, proceed and click one time in the YELLOW area of the message asking to install the add-on named MIEplayer.ocx.

  1. When you click in the yellow bar to install, another small window will open. Select INSTALL ACTIVEX CONTROL.

  1. You will be prompted to install the MIEplayer control. Click on the INSTALL button.

  1. The MIEPlayer control may create a spool directory on the PC. Click the OK button if this appears. If this window does not appear, it will directly open the MIEPlayer window and you are all done.

  1. You are now ready to use the MIEPlayer with the Phillips Speechmike for any patient in Enterprise Health .

There is a MY SETTINGS preference a user can set for the Control Device: You can choose which control device you use for the MIEplayer. This goes along with version 2.24 of the MIEplayer. The player supports generic HID devices that may conflict with the SpeechMike so we now need to specify which control device to use. This chooses which device your MIEplayer uses. If there is more than one control device hooked up to a computer, this tells it to use a certain one. Example: There may be a physician who likes to use a foot pedal but shares the computer with other physicians that uses the SpeechMike. The Configure in Player selection for this setting will use the setting that is stored on the computer and accessed in the player’s config window. If a specific control device is selected (SpeechMike, USB Pedal, etc) then this preference setting will override what the player has configured.

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