How to Remove MIEPlayer Control

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your desktop.
  2. At the top toolbar, select TOOLS, then the option called INTERNET OPTIONS.

  1. The Internet Options window will open. Make sure you are in the GENERAL tab at the top. Find the BROWSING HISTORY section and click the SETTINGS button.

  1. The Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window will open. Click the VIEW OBJECTS button.

  1. The Downloaded Program Files Windows window will now open. Locate the MIEplayer Control, right click on the MIEplayerControl and click on the remove option:

  1. A message box will appear titled “Remove Program File”. It will ask you if you are sure you want to permanently remove MIEPlayer Control. Select YES. It will remove that program from your computer.

  1. Close all open windows/screens by clicking on the X on the top-right to return to your desktop.

  1. Now refer to instructions on how to install the MIEPlayer control.

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