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When working in an encounter and when on the “view” of the encounter, down at the bottom of that encounter “view” you will see Encounter Options. This same Encounter Options section can be accessed by the Encounter Checkout chart tab in your system.

When working in Enterprise Health , you can have an Encounter Checkout chart tab programmed. If it’s not programmed already, please contact your MIE Implementer.

Any staff member perhaps checking out a patient and is responsible for printing off the Clinical Summary for Meaningful Use or pushing a CCR to NoMoreClipboard to satisfy some meaningful use measures or printing/faxing the orders the physician triggered during the visit or transmitting any prescriptions the provider ordered can be done from this chart tab without having to go into the encounter itself and into the “view” of the encounter and scrolling to the bottom. It’s always available there, but this Encounter Checkout tab helps workflow for bigger practices who have separate checkout staff or workflow where someone else prints/faxes these orders, and other meaningful use functions.

The encounter must still be open for a staff member to utilize this tab and see contents.

Any open encounter the patient has – their Encounter Options section of that encounter can be accessed from this tab instead of going to the encounter “view” to get to the Encounter Options section to render patient material, scripts, orders, NMC push, etc.

If you have a patient’s encounter set as “current”, it will default to open to that encounter’s Encounter Options section here on your screen. Below it you can see a list of any other open encounters the patient has. It’s important for providers to close & archive encounters when completely done with a patient and after checkout, etc depending on your workflow.

Click ‘Set Current’ on the encounter below that you wish to set current for yourself to view and render its Encounter Options section there on your screen.

Click ‘Release’ on the encounter to release the open encounter from showing the Encounter Options for the encounter you have set as current on your view.

This screen only applies for ‘open’ encounters on the patient. When a user closes & archives the encounter, it will be removed from this screen and that encounter is considered complete.

Description of Sections

The Encounter Options section shows any ordered meds (prescriptions you started/prescribed in the meds plan section of the encounter), test orders (labs, imaging, etc orders you created plan section of the encounter), or any patient education information (drug guides). Those documents/prescriptions are batched in this section for quick printing/faxing or access without having to get out of the encounter and into the separate  Enterprise Health module to perform the print/faxing of these documents and/or prescriptions.

You can select print individual prescriptions, unprinted med guides, e-orders, or click the Print All right next to the Encounter Options title. If you click Print All it will batch all of the documents/prescriptions listed and send them to the printer/fax queue. The “Print All” button prints anything that has the word “Batch” by it. Therefore, it does not matter if you check or uncheck printed drug guides or not. “Print All” does not print unsent prescriptions because the method to send prescriptions has been changed from faxing to transmitting electronically and prompts the user for the method on those. You can, of course, individually select and batch or uncheck-mark documents that you wish from this summary option.

The Send to NMC member section is also available in the Encounter Options section.

If the system setting to show NMC link in view of the encounter is turned on, you will see the Send to NMC member section.

From this section a user can quickly send a CCR document to that patient using NoMoreClipboard. Simply click the POST SUMMARY button from this section and it will then send the electronic CCR to NoMoreClipboard.com for that patient. It will also open another window on your screen for you to print out a page to give the patient with their pick up code if they don’t already have a NoMoreClipboard account or if your  Enterprise Health system isn’t linked to NoMoreClipboard through a branded portal. Print off that pick-up code sheet for the patient and they can access their electronic records in CCR format using a free membership & pick-up code process.

In order for this POST SUMMARY button to work and send an electronic CCR to NoMoreClipboard.com for the patient, your system must be set up to ‘send’ to NoMoreClipboard.com . Contact your MIE Implementer if you get an error when you click this button. Your MIE Implementer will then get your system set up to be able to push CCR’s to NoMoreClipboard.

The Patient Education section is used to print out (or batch) a Clinical Summary of the patient’s encounter visit that day. This is used for Meaningful Use incentive also. Clicking batch or print and when the print job is rendered, it will print a Clinical Summary of that encounter visit for the patient according to Meaningful Use criteria. If your system is set up for Meaningful Use, it will also save this as a document (Archived Clinical Summary) most likely found in the DocSum tab too.

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