Encounter Worklists

Worklists can be programmed as a separate sidemenu tab for your practice or to be shown within the Omniscope tab. If you use encounters, it is suggested to have this worklist tab set up. Contact your MIE Implementer if you wish to have such a worklist programmed. Worklists show ‘open’ encounters that need to be worked on or marked closed or are still pending transcription to be done, etc.

Open Exams

Open Exams is a sidemenu tab that shows all open encounters for the Enterprise Health system. There is a filter by location and/or Performing Provider on the encounter.

My Worklist

My Worklist is a sidemenu custom tab (sometimes it’s named something other than My Worklist) wherein it’s a special custom tab that only shows open encounters that you (the logged in user) are set as the “Performing Physician”.  So when Dr. X is logged on, he only will see his open encounters on the My Worklist tab and not everyone else’s.  It filters out all other performing provider’s open exams and becomes only your specific worklist of open encounters. You have to be apart of the department the layout pulls on the view, usually it is the physician department.

My Worklist tab is a worklist shows any open encounters for you, the user only and not other users that have open encounters. You can list all open encounters all together, or you can have the worklist split up into specific encounter groups and list each patient’s open encounter under each specific encounter name.

Any open encounters list also shows if there is still dictation pending to be transcribed on the encounter. If transcriptionists don’t have rights to close & archive after done transcribing, the physician has to close & archive it from their worklist when they see there is an open encounter that needs closed (doesn’t show the dictation pending anymore). No users can close or archive any encounter if dictation is pending. When the transcription is pending, it says that it is pending dictation on the exam line. When transcription is done, the physician doesn’t get notified and doesn’t get any other message. It simply shows as open on their worklist and they are able to close & archive then.

Alert Summary Toolbar

If you have an encounter worklist tab set up, you also have a user preference that will show the worklist count at the very top alert summary bar (near the tasks/esigns count, etc) if you want and can access those open encounters from those links at the top alert summary bar.

To show pending encounters for you (the performing physician) in your top alert summary bar, this MY SETTINGS preference should be set to on.

Multiple Users with Encounter Set as Current

Some practices have worklists that many users have access to and having a current encounter shows “you” are working on that encounter and to tell others not to work on it. Using the screenshot example below; you’ll notice in the options column it shows that jthomas has the patient’s encounter set as current and date/time it was set current by jthomas.  So the worklist shows he is working on this patient’s exam.

You can also see other users that have the encounter set as ‘current’ for them when working in the encounter. If can have the Current Users On Encounter section programmed on any encounter when you are working in the encounter itself. When you are working in the encounter, at the top you may see this section and it notifies you who else has this encounter set as ‘current’ for them. You can force a release from here also.

Encounter Exams-Still Open Report

There is a report available to run to see any open encounters for the practice. If you have security rights, you can access this report by going to the Reports sidemenu tab, then click the Visits tab, then find the report named Encounter Exams-Still Open.

When you click on the Encounter Exams-Still Open report, it will automatically list any and all open encounters for your Enterprise Health system. It displays open encounters that have not yet been archived and closed as documents in the system. You can see the patient’s name, the encounter visit type, who is set as performing physician, location, date created and the options column. A filter for “Performing Provider” can be added to this list view.

You can also run other Encounter reports based on specific search criteria you wish by utilizing the other encounter reports found in the Visits report tab.

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