Adding Hospital Case

A case is a full report of a workplace injury or an incident involving an employee (patient). The case is usually created in an initial visit (encounter) with the patient, and is then linked to subsequent visits. A case links all follow-up visits (encounters), restrictions, accommodations, conditions, and nature of injury information. All of the documents pertaining to the case are grouped together within the chart for reporting purposes.

The terms case and incident may be used interchangeably throughout the system.

There are several case types, which designate different required fields as well as state-specific questions and forms.  Enterprise Health provides the ability to track cases for hospital workflows as well as link any related documents or subsequent visits to the hospital case.  All of the documents pertaining to the case are grouped together within the chart for reporting purposes.

Add New Hospital Case

This help documentation is designed to assist in creating and documenting a Hospital case type. Some workflows use various documents or various encounters and need to be linked to a hospital case for tracking.

By default, the Case section of encounters will display the following case types:

  • Injury (OSHA Standard)
  • Injury (Non-OSHA Standard)
  • Hospital
  • Absence Management
  • Medical Suitability of Expatriate Assignment (MSEA)
  • Medical Surveillance

If you wish to document a new case, click the header or Edit (Pencil) icon of the Case section in the dynamic encounter.

Once the Case section is expanded, indicate which type of case to create on the chart by selecting the appropriate radio button. The type of case selected will determine other fields or radio button data to complete. Once you open/create a case, any documentation, encounter visit documentations, or the like can be linked to a specific case/incident the chart has had previously documented.

Hospital Case Details

After selecting to create a Hospital case type, the only field that expands is the Date and time field, which is required as noted by the red asterisk, and is meant for documenting the onset date and time of the Hospital case/incident.

Work Status (or Lost Time) Section

Lost time would be documented using the Restrictions and Accommodations section.  Refer to the Restrictions and Accommodations help documentation for more information.

Restrictions and Accommodations

Refer to help documentation named Restrictions and Accommodations .

Linking Documents to Cases

Documents can be linked to cases. This can be done via the Edit Properties of an existing stored document. Documents can also be linked to cases when indexing from WebScan. Scheduled appointments can also be linked to cases when in the Add Appointment wizard, if necessary.

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