Discontinue Medications

Discontinue Medications, Individually

From the E-Meds tab or from the List link in E-Meds, it will display the medication history summary for the patient.

In the Medication History section you can individually select a medication to discontinue. To do this, click the discontinue link in the options column at the far right of that specific medication.

The discontinue medication screen and fields will show.

Here you enter the date you discontinued that medication. If no date is typed, it will store with today’s date as the end date (discontinued date). You can also type in a reason for the discontinuation.

The buttons below that provide options to simply discontinue it. Or to discontinue it but also mark that medication as an intolerant in the patient’s chart. You can also discontinue the medication and mark the medication as an allergy in the patient’s chart. You can click cancel to get out.

Upon the button you select, it will then give you a successful and confirmation message at the top.

Anything that was typed in the reason field (when discontinuing) is shown in the comments column in the patient’s medication history for that discontinued med. The medication is also labeled & shown as discontinued.

Discontinue Medications, in Multiples

Click the Discontinue link at the top right of the E-Meds module. This will show a list of all active medications this patient is on.

This is just a quick link to discontinue multiple meds quickly instead of clicking discontinue after each individual medication_._ If you have your view to show “in-house & outside” meds separately; this discontinue screen respects that and separates them into categories of In-House and Other.

This quick link does not allow you to mark it as an allergy or intolerance. It simply discontinues the meds you selected. If you need to discontinue a med because it is causing an allergy/intolerance, then you need to discontinue that med from the medication history screen for this patient and select discontinue next to the drug in the options column. That will allow you to type in the reason and mark it as allergy or intolerance.

This is a quick summary view to be able to discontinue multiple meds at a time by simply check-marking the discontinue box(es).

When you check-mark which med(s) to discontinue, a date & reason box will open up. Select the date you want this medication to be discontinued and type in the reason for it to be discontinued.

Click Submit at the bottom of the screen. It will say you successfully discontinued the medication and you are back at the main medication history screen for that patient.

If you discontinued a med and then say for example 3 months later you decide to put the patient back on that same med, you would keep that old one as discontinued and write a new script.  You would not re-activate this.

This is for flow, and that way the old one has a start and stop/discontinued date and you can track that.

The drug alerts should not think the new re-started script is a duplicate as long as one of them is discontinued (the original).

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