Travel Kits

Travel Kits can be used to prescribe a grouping of common meds as a kit for travel. This is mainly used for Enterprise Health clients whom employees travel and frequency different countries and the clinic needs to prescribe the grouping of meds quickly. The employee portal is most commonly used for an employee to request a Travel Kit also that a clinician would process. Travel kits are for meds only when know will be traveling and what type of meds would you want to take with you. This is not really for “pre travel requests” where you need to give injections for pre-travel requirements.

This section of the help documentation covers how to manage/edit/add/delete Travel Kits that are available for selection in the system. This is the Travel Kits Manager. The section at the end of this help documentation is on how to prescribe/order a travel kit.

The superuser must have security rights to Meds Manage set to Yes.

View Existing Medication/Travel Kits

In Control Panel sidemenu tab, click Meds Manager tab at the top. At the right corner, select Kits from the Meds Editor selection drop-down. The screen should refresh to show you existing Medication Kits. If not, you can click the GO button after selecting Kits in the drop-down.

The screen will show the Medication/Travel Kits currently built in your system. Most clients keep the Name and the Description the same.

View Items within Medication/Travel Kit

To see all the medication items that are grouped in a specific Medication/Travel Kit, simply click the Items link next to a specific Medication Kit.

The list of included items in that Medication/Travel Kit selected will appear on the screen. At the top in bold it also shows which Medication Kit items you are viewing.

Edit Existing Item(s) in Medication/Travel Kit

You can edit an existing item that is a part of a Medication Kit. Simply click the Edit link next to the specific drug/medication item you need to edit.

The Edit Kit Item screen will appear. You can change any of the fields you wish or update them. You must have all of the fields filled out, otherwise when the Travel/Medication Kit is prescribed, the queue will render an error if you were to print/fax/transmit them out. Then the user would have to manually fix that prescribed item in the patient’s chart for the kit every time. Indication & Instructions fields are not required. However everything above that would be.

  • Checked by Default: checkmark this if this medication item should always be set “to use” when a user is selecting a travel kit to prescribe. The medication will automatically be checkmarked to dispense if this checked by default is checked. If this is not checked, the item still shows up as an item in that Medication Kit, but the user has to manually select the medication to prescribe for the patient. One would leave this unchecked if the medication were “optional” to prescribe. If mandatory, then it would be suggested to checkmark checked by default so it saves the end user time when prescribing the medication kit.

  • Active: this is checkmarked if the item is to be actively part of the Medication Kit. If need to remove that medication item from being part of the kit, simply uncheckmark so it the item is now inactive in the system from being prescribed with that kit selection.

Click the SUBMIT button to save all work to that item.

Add Item(s) to Existing Medication/Travel Kit

When you are viewing the existing items that are part of a specific Medication Kit you selected, you can add more items to the kit. Simply click the Add Item to Kit link found at the top left.

The Add Kit Item screen will appear. Fill out all the fields. The Indication & Instructions fields are optional, but the fields above it should be filled out entirely so the end user doesn’t have to manually fix an error each time when processing the script(s). See same field requirements and explanations above in the Editing an Existing Item section of this help document.

Click the SUBMIT button to save all work. To add another item to the kit, repeat the above steps while in that same Medication Kit.

Edit Medication/Travel Kits

If you wish to edit a Medication/Travel Kit name, or description or mark as inactive, simply click the edit link next to the Medication Kit you wish to edit.

The Edit Kit window will appear. You can change the name, description or uncheckmark active to make it inactive and it won’t display as choices for a user working in Enterprise Health . Or vice-versa, if you wish to make an inactive Medication Kit now active, simply checkmark it to make it active. Click the SUBMIT button to save all work.

Add a New Medication/Travel Kit

You can add a brand new Medication Kit to the system for users to select and prescribe. Simply click the Add Kit link found at the top right corner.

The Add Kit screen will appear. Type in the Name, Description and click the Submit button to save all work. Both the name and the description are shown to the end user when prescribing a kit on a patient’s chart.

Prescribing Medication/Travel Kits

An employee could request a travel kit from the employee portal. Also when you are working in a patient’s chart, there is a Travel Kits tab found in the chart tab your system has that housed. The travel kit section also is part of the Travel Consult encounter. It shows up in the Plan right before where a user can prescribe.

Once in the Travel Kits section, the choices of Kits available to prescribe for the patient are listed. You will notice the name and the description columns. Click the ADD button next to the kit you wish to prescribe for the patient.

Once you click the ADD button, the Medication Kit and it’s items/contents will display on the screen. Any contraindications/warnings will pop-up on the screen in relation to the medication being prescribed vs what the patient has in their historical chart.

One cannot edit the medication item in a Medication Kit being selected to prescribe. One can only checkmark or uncheckmark which medication items within the kit that need prescribing. Anything checkmarked in the Use column will be prescribed. The Use checkbox will be checkmarked by default if the item is built as such (the field “Check by Default” described in above sections of this help document). This just saves end users time from having to manually mark which items in the kit to prescribe (usually normal/mandatory items are defaulted) and any that aren’t checkmarked already could be optional. Of course, the end user can also uncheckmark even one that is checkmarked by default so it doesn’t get prescribed.

Make sure to fill out the prescriber field.

Click the SUBMIT button to prescribe the medication kit.

Once you click the Submit button, the screen will show you it’s successfully added the number of medication items you selected from the Kit.

Then the screen will refresh to take you to the Medications chart tab where it shows the unsent prescriptions if you accessed the travel kits from the chart tab. The medications selected from the kit to prescribe will be shown in that queue where you can print/fax or transmit out.

If you will be dispensing the meds inhouse for the travel/medication kit, you can go to the Dispense tab found in Enterprise Health to see the medications prescribed from the travel kit to dispense.

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