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With a variety of online portal options, Enterprise Health offers patients and clinicians the ability to quickly and easily send correspondences, request/cancel appointments, review results and clinical documentation, and so much more. The Enterprise Health system emphasizes engagement and tracking, offering easy access to individual due lists, work status, and health surveillance via its certified portal options. Users can schedule appointments, provide information, and complete questionnaires, easily maintaining overall wellness and work certifications. Check out all the details for each of the portal options, below.

Patient Portal

With the Patient Portal, sometimes used and referred to as an Employee Portal, allows patients and clinicians, as well as employees and occupational health specialists, to communicate freely, anytime. Patients or employees can quickly and easily add/update their personal health records, review medical information, schedule/cancel appointments, and so much more!

Employer Portal

The Employer Portal, often referred to as the Supervisor Portal, Agency Portal, or Leadership Portal, streamlines employee engagement and tracking, offering easy access to due lists, employee work status, and health surveillance. Supervisors can not only view their personal information, but they can also view their employees’ restrictions, lost time, work status, or any additional information custom to the business needs.


NoMoreClipboard is a patient-owned interoperable personal health record (PHR) that shares data with  Enterprise Health  and can be established as a branded patient portal.

Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal is a web-based platform intended to screen new employees and streamline hiring processes. With it, employers have the ability to simplify the onboarding process and ensure all pre-employment needs are addressed early and accurately.

Provider Portal

The Provide Portal allows physicians to easily access orders, check statuses, and upload results.


The Kiosk is a portal integration designed with limited functionality and immediate logout for streamlining things such as check-in and intake processes, among others.


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