BMH 7 - Implementation of Integrated Patient Centered Behavioral Health Model

Activity Weighting: High

Subcategory Name: Behavior and Mental Health

Description: Offer integrated behavioral health services to support patients with behavioral health needs who also have conditions such as dementia or other poorly controlled chronic illnesses. The services could include one or more of the following:

  • Use evidence-based treatment protocols and treatment to goal where appropriate;
  • Use evidence-based screening and case finding strategies to identify individuals at risk and in need of services;
  • Ensure regular communication and coordinated workflows between MIPS eligible clinicians in primary care and behavioral health;
  • Conduct regular case reviews for at-risk or unstable patients and those who are not responding to treatment;
  • Use of a registry or health information technology functionality to support active care management and outreach to patients in treatment;
  • Integrate behavioral health and medical care plans and facilitate integration through co-location of services when feasible; and/or
  • Participate in the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care Initiative, which promotes a multidimensional approach that includes public reporting, state-based coalitions, research, training, and revised surveyor guidance.

Supporting Documentation

Documented integration of behavioral health services with primary care to support patients with behavioral health needs, dementia, and poorly controlled chronic conditions program and services including one or more of the six activities described in the activity description.


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