EPA 2 - Use of Telehealth Services that Expand Practice Access

Activity Weighting: Medium
Subcategory Name: Expanded Practice Access
Description: Use of telehealth services and analysis of data for quality improvement, such as participation in remote specialty care consults or teleaudiology pilots that assess ability to still deliver quality care to patients.

Supporting Documentation

  1. Use of Telehealth Services - Documented use of telehealth services through: 

    1. claims adjudication (may use G codes to validate); 
    2. certified EHR or 
    3. other medical record document showing specific telehealth services, consults, or referrals performed for a patient; and 
  2. Analysis of Assessing Ability to Deliver Quality of Care - Participation in or performance of quality improvement analysis showing delivery of quality care to patients through the telehealth medium (e.g. Excel spreadsheet, Word document or others).

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