BE 24 - Financial Navigation Program

Activity Weighting: Medium

Subcategory Name: Beneficiary Engagement

Description: In order to receive credit for this activity, MIPS eligible clinicians must attest that their practice provides financial counseling to patients or their caregiver about costs of care and an exploration of different payment options. The MIPS eligible clinician may accomplish this by working with other members of their practice (e.g., financial counselor or patient navigator) as part of a team-based care approach in which members of the patient care team collaborate to support patient-centered goals. For example, a financial counselor could provide patients with resources with further information or support options, or facilitate a conversation with a patient or caregiver that could address concerns. This activity may occur during diagnosis stage, before treatment, during treatment, and/or during survivorship planning, as appropriate.

Supporting Documentation

  1. Diabetic Patients Prescribed Antidiabetic Agents — Total number of outpatients who are diabetic and prescribed antidiabetic agents; and
  2. Documented Percentage of Total with Glycemic Treatment Goals and Assessed at Least Annually — Number of outpatients, who are diabetic and prescribed antidiabetic agents, with documented glycemic treatment goals; and the goals take into account patient-specific factors, including at least age, comorbidities, and risk for hypoglycemia; and are flagged for reassessment in the following year.


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