CC 18 - Relationship-Centered Communication

Activity Weighting: Medium

Subcategory Name: Care Coordination

Description: In order to receive credit for this activity, MIPS eligible clinicians must participate in a minimum of eight hours of training on relationship-centered care tenets such as making effective open-ended inquiries; eliciting patient stories and perspectives; listening and responding with empathy; using the ART (ask, respond, tell) communication technique to engage patients, and developing a shared care plan. The training may be conducted in formats such as, but not limited to: interactive simulations practicing the skills above, or didactic instructions on how to implement improvement action plans, monitor progress, and promote stability around improved clinician communication.

Supporting Documentation

  1. Name of RHC, HIS, or FQHC – Identified name of RHC, HIS, or FQHC in which the practice participates in ongoing engagement activities; and
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement Activities – Documented continuous quality improvement activities that contribute to more formal quality reporting, and that include receiving quality data back for broader quality and benchmarking improvement that ultimately benefits patients.


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2018 MIPS Improvement Activities Fact Sheet

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