Provider Quality of Care Status

Often, it is necessary to review compliance data and ensure participants are aligned with quarterly benchmarks and overall outcomes. The Provider Quality of Care Status report allows administrators to review individual, or all, participants, enrolled measures and their details, initial populations, numerators and denominators, etc.

To begin reviewing your compliance data, perform the following:

  1. Log into the Enterprise Health system.
  2. Navigate to the Reports side menu.
  3. Go to the Quality of Care reports and tools.
  4. Select the Provider Quality of Care Status report.
  5. Select the Reporting Year from the drop-down.
  6. If the report is being run for a specific participant, or set of providers, use the Select Provider autocomplete to specify, as needed.
If running the report for ALL participants/providers, simply leave the Select Provider field blank.
  1. With the fields set, click Run Report. All of the results will generate in the grid below the filter criteria. Use the grid to filter and sort the data, as needed.
  2. Users may also Print Enrollment or Delete Enrollment, as well.

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