Dictation without Transcription Report

You must have security role access to the Reports module/tab. This setting is in the Security Role Editor and is in Enterprise Health controls called STATISTICS. Set to Yes or No. This allows users within a role to access the entire Reports left-side bar tab (except Tran Stats tab). Also allows users within a role to access the Statistics tab in Control.

This is a report to show dictation that does not have matching transcription. This reports the dictation that has not been transcribed for yet. It tries to find a word document in the patient’s chart with the same date of service. The list is dictation that didn’t have a matching word file.

Click Reports from left sidebar menu.

Click Dict W/O Trans tab from the top menu.

The Dictation without Transcription summary report automatically pops up and lists all of the outstanding dictations that do not have a matching transcription of a word document.

You can narrow down this report by selecting a specific dictating user (dictating physician), and/or date range from the fields at the top. Click Apply to show the reports of your new search.

When you click the patient name or the MR# on this report, it will take you to the specific document that the dictation is tied to. Otherwise it will take you to the appointment scheduler.

If you click the Dictation ID number then it will open and play the dictation through the MIEPlayer.

You can grab the dictation and transcribe to complete it, or you can edit the dictation or send, etc all providing you have the security level permissions.

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