Encounter Report

You must have security role access to the Reports module/tab. This setting is in the Security Role Editor and is in Enterprise Health controls called STATISTICS. Set to Yes or No. This allows users within a role to access the entire Reports left-side bar tab (except Tran Stats tab). Also allows users within a role to access the Statistics tab in Control.

Encounter Report lists encounters by a given date range, pending, completed, etc.

Click Reports tab on the left side-bar menu.

Click Encounter Report tab from the top tab menu.

The Encounter search screen will open.

You can choose from basic or advanced search by clicking the appropriate link.

Enter the appropriate selections into the fields you wish to narrow your Encounter Report search down to.

When searching for a specific encounter by encounter ID field, it is not a “starts as” type of search. You cannot find encounter ID’s beginning with the number you start typing. You have to type the whole encounter ID to get a result.

Click SEARCH button and the results will display below the search field screen. (Towards the bottom of your screen).

In the options column you will see View Timecard and it shows the status of the encounter below that.

If you click view timecard it opens up the details of that encounter respective to time.

  • View Printable: Click this and it will open a black/white printable version in a separate screen of the search results displayed on the screen. To print from this printable version screen, simply go to FILE and select PRINT.

  • Average Encounters: If you click this link (next to View Printable) then it will open a search screen for Average For Encounters. You can enter the specific fields and click CALCULATE button and it will calculate the average time card for a specific encounter(s). It also gives other totals/averages for dictations and signatures related to the visit type(s) you selected.

  • Date Range: You must enter at least an end date range date. If you want an entire history date range (not a specific date or week, etc), then simply leave the first date blank and make the end date today (now) date. It will give you results for the entire date history in your system.
    • If you wish a specific date range, you must type in a Start and End date in the fields. Leaving both Start and End date fields blank will not give you any results. You must have a range or at least an end date.

The system will then display the Average Timecard specific to the data you entered into the fields. The statistics on this report involve how long the encounters where open, how long it took for the dictations to be completed after they were created on the encounter, and how long did it take for the doctor to sign the transcribed document after the nurse uploaded the dictation transcription.

Click RESET to start another search, or change the fields and click CALCULATE to do another average, or simply go back to the search by clicking Return to Search link at the top right of this screen.

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