Uncoded Medications Report

You must have security role access to the Reports module/tab. This setting is in the Security Role Editor and is in Enterprise Health controls called STATISTICS. Set to Yes or No. This allows users within a role to access the entire Reports left-side bar tab (except Tran Stats tab). Also allows users within a role to access the Statistics tab in Control.

There is a report available from the Reports sidemenu tab. Found in the Medications/Allergies/Scripts bucket of reports, there is a report named Uncoded Meds.

This report can be filtered by a start date and end date to limit results. The report will result a list of uncoded prescriptions (free-typed medications a user prescribed instead of using the FDB autocomplete list of choices of coded medications available to prescribe) created within a specified date range. The practice should review this report periodically and address issues found. This report could help be more proactive at identifying and investigating these issues and working on training prescribers on the correct medications to choose.

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