Device Interface - Cholestech LDX

The following is referring to a Cholestech LDX system. Contact your MIE Implementer to see if your Cholesterol system model can be interfaced or quoted.

Within the encounter when the lab test has been ordered or the Cholestech section shows on an encounter, click the Connect to Cholestech (choose port ) hyperlink to open the connection to the Cholestech.

Make sure the Port: field has the correct port your device is set to on your machine. Then click the Open Port button.

The data will interface in. If you want to see the raw data coming in, you can click the show/hide raw data hyperlink. When data is done, click the Submit button to save the data to the patient’s chart/encounter document.

If doing the Cholestech as an in-house testing procedure, you may see other layout fields on your screen that the data will populate after you connect to the device. Once the data is populated from the device, you would click “completed” for the in-office procedure order and continue on in the encounter or save work.

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