Device Interface - Piccolo System

The following is referring to a blood chemistry analyzer Abaxis Piccolo Xpress system. Contact your MIE Implementer to see if your piccolo system model can be interfaced or quoted.

Piccolo Blood Chemistry Analyzer

  1. When working in an encounter and in the In-House Tests and Procedures section, add the test/procedure for the Blood Chem-Piccolo

  1. The screen to connect to the Abaxis Piccolo Xpress will open on your screen.

  1. Have the Piccolo machine hooked up to the computer that is running Enterprise Health . Usually they are just a serial connection to the machine and usb connection on the other end to the computer/laptop.
  2. Select the Connect to Abaxis Piccolo Xpress (choose port) link in your Enterprise Health encounter.

  1. Verify the port information in the pop-up and select the “Open Port” button

  1. Click the confirm option you wish to do (yes, this time or Yes, always)

  1. Transmit the information from the equipment.
  2. The Enterprise Health screen displays “Receiving data” here on the encounters/test & procedures section you are in.
  3. When done, the screen displays “Data Received” and a “Document Successfully Created” pop-up window displays.
  4. Select OK
  5. To view the data, navigate to the chart tab this document is stored in (DocSum tab or a separate chart tab that you have set up to house this blood chemistry document) and select the docid to view the result.

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