Language Tab - Create New Help Bubble Text

The system has the ability customize help bubble text that is hard-coded with the product. So far, the supported hard-coded help bubbles that can be customized are the patient autocomplete and all help bubbles on the E-sign page.

To customize the first time, click the Create New Help Text hyperlink found in the Languages tab.

From the value drop-down select the specific hard-coded help bubble text you wish to change and customize. In the Translation field, type out exactly what you want that specific help bubble verbiage to display to users as. Click SAVE button when done.

After saving, the help bubble verbiage for the specific selected (value) standard help field will be changed to what you typed into Translation field. This is an example of help bubble verbiage we changed for patient autocomplete search help bubble:

Back in the Languages tab, you can click the SEARCH button and see all translations and help bubble translations. Help bubble translations are context standard input help.

You can edit translated help bubble verbiage by clicking the edit hyperlink next to it and making changes.

You can also change a translated help bubble verbiage back to what the product default comes with (the hard-coded verbiage) by inactivating the stored custom translation. Simply click the edit hyperlink next to a customized translated standard input help bubble translation, then uncheckmark the ‘active’ checkbox and Submit your edit.

The standard input help specific bubble customized translation that is now inactive, the help bubble verbiage for it will default back to the hard-coded default product verbiage. Here is an example of what it would revert back to in a patient autocomplete search help bubble:

A customized help bubble that we support can be translated again. Simply search by inactive translations (uncheckmark the active only in the search filter) and click search. Then click ‘edit’ next to the inactive translated help bubble verbiage translation. Activate it and type something in the translation that you want shown to users for that specific help bubble in the product.

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