ODBC Install & Configuration

As an add-on feature, some clients may choose to implement ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). ODBC access allows customers to access and datamine their Enterprise Health database tables. Clients familiar with MySQL, can create their own custom reports using 3rd party report data visualization software products.

3rd Party Tools

There are several data visualization software products that clients can utilize with an Enterprise Health ODBC connection. Examples of recommended products include Tableau, Power BI/Power Query and Informatica.

Installation of the MySQL ODBC Driver

Navigate to the data visualization software products website and follow the on screen instructions to download and install the applicable MySQL ODBC drivers.


Power BI/Power Query

Informatica Documentation

ODBC Data Source Configuration

Once the drivers have been downloaded and installed, users will need to set up a connection and set up the data source. Your Enterprise Health deployment consultant or support contact will work with our development team to send you additional information for this step of the installation process.

  1. You may download the Enterprise Health CA (Certificate Authority) from here: Med-Web SSL CA 2
  2. You should have received an e-mail from the Enterprise Health development team containing the following information needed for configuration:
    1. Hostname
    2. Port: 3306
    3. Username
    4. Password
    5. SSL Key
    6. SSL Cert
    7. SSL CA
    8. SSL Cipher

Instructions on connecting and setting up the data source will vary depending on the 3rd party report data visualization software utilized. If you are having trouble connecting via ODBC, your Enterprise Health deployment consultant or support contact will facilitate a meeting with the Enterprise Health database administrator.

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