Respirator Info Chart Tab

The Respirator Info is a chart tab found in the employee’s E-Chart. Click this tab to see only the specific respirator panel memberships the employee belongs to.

Respirator Panel Membership

This first section shows panels that are strictly related to respirator panels only and doesn’t show any other panels (for example the Panel Membership tab in Campaign Membership tab shows all panels). If any are check-marked, that means the employee is part of that specific respirator panel. You can hover your mouse over the icon in the panel names to see the description the panel is defined as in the HS set up. You can also hover your mouse over the icons next to each panel check-marked for that employee to see the last completed date or decertified information, change reason comments, etc.

This Key guide helps you manage the panel information.

If you check or uncheck-mark a panel membership from here, a CHANGE REASON box will appear. This is where you type in the reason for changing or adding an employee’s panel. Nothing is saved until you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this screen. If you add a panel to a patient, they should receive an email notification when they are due for entry orders (based on the panel components trigger event settings).

Once done with any changes/edits to the Respirator Panel Membership section, make sure you click the SAVE button at the very bottom of the screen to save all your edits/entries.

Respirator Fit Testing

This second section show the respirator fit testing. This is a flowsheet of the respirator fit testing the employee has had done. It shows the history of previous respirator fits the employee has had in a flowsheet form. You can delete anyprevious entries using the [ - ] button in the options column.

To add a new respirator fit testing entry:

  • Mask: This is an auto-complete list of choices in your system that is maintained in our auto-complete editor. You can also free text here, but if you want reporting to be consistent, please give your pre-defined mask choices to your MIE Implementer for insertion into this auto-complete choice to pop up by default for your users to select. Simply begin to type in the name of the mask type and it will attempt to auto-complete your typing and give you valid choices. You can also hit your ↓ down arrow key on your keyboard to open up the list of choices to select from in this field. When done, use your tab key to advance to the next field.
  • Size: Choose the size of the mask using the drop-down of choices. The ‘Universal’ selection means one size fits all. If need to add a “size” choice into this drop-down, your MIE Implementer will need to evaluate before our developers can insert. Any changes to this drop-down of “size” choices affects all Enterprise Health systems globally.
  • Last Fit Test: Enter in the date of this last fit test.
  • Pass/Fail: Enter in if employee passed or failed this fit testing.
  • Comments: Add any free-text comments you wish.

When done with that entry, click the ADD button to make it appear in the above flowsheet. You can add another entry if youwish. However, nothing is saved until the SAVE button is clicked at the bottom of this screen.

Once done with any entries to the Respirator Fit Testing section, make sure you click the SAVE button at the very bottom ofthe screen to save all your entries. There is no way to ‘edit’ an entry, but you could delete it by using the [ - ] button and re-entering it and using the add button.

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