Getting Down to Basics

The following is a checklist of the functional and non-functional requirements needed to effectively define and scope the Enterprise Health system according to the basic needs of the organization. Please keep in mind that the quality and accuracy of the provided information and data is of utmost importance, so please ensure all details are unambiguous, complete, and correct.

Checklist Item
1Steering Committee - Identify key players, managers, and stakeholders, serving as representatives of the varying departments, offices, and workflows, as well as those anticipated to drive the implementation in the practice(s).
2Department(s) & Security Roles - Provide a list of all department names and user roles being used. For all security roles, review the defaulted security permissions associated with each corresponding role, and note any gaps or additional needs.
Provider Users & Signatures - List all of the physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and any additional clinician with an NPI, DEA, and/or state license, in the spreadsheet. All clinicians intending to prescribe or order from the Enterprise Health system must also perform a signature capture, to upload into the system for electronic signature needs. Please print and return the linked form, also.
4Other Users - Please provide a list (or export file) of all additional users, not included on the Provider User List. Users are individuals accessing and utilizing the system for any purpose and can include nurses, billing staff, receptionists, lab and radiology technicians, physical therapists, social workers, pharmacists, etc.
5Chart Tabs & Document Types - Review the standard chart layout and its default chart tabs. Determine the chart tabs, or folders, needing to be removed from or added to the chart default. Also notate all of the associated document types needed per each chart tab.
6Location(s) - Provide details for each location of the organization. Information should include practice name(s), address(es), phone/fax numbers, and any associated websites or additional information needing included.
7Logo, Letterhead(s), & Fax Coversheet(s) - Please provide a digital or paper copy of the organization's logo. Also provide copies of all letterheads used, as well as fax coversheets needed for each location.
8Referring Physicians List - List all clinicians and referral partners. This will populate a dictionary of providers that can be communicated with and faxed for ongoing office needs.
9Appointment Types - Document all current appointment types, appointment codes, appointment descriptions, and appointment durations.
Schedule Resources - List all schedule resources (e.g., physician, lab, radiology tech, etc.), or all resources found within the Practice Management (PM) system, needing a schedule built in the Enterprise Health system. Include any and all locations associated with the schedule resource, as well as any type of recurring vacations, time-off, or out-of-office time. Also, detail any appointment types needing included in or excluded from each schedule resource.
Scheduled Jobs - Provide all scheduled jobs needed to simplify and streamline arbitrary processes in the Enterprise Health system. Provide the description and report criteria for each scheduled job, along with its start time and rate of recurrence. Also, provide an email to whom reports will be delivered, per scheduled job.

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