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Subject: Your invitation to!

Frederick Anderson, here is your invitation to!

As a courtesy to our patients, Prudential QA can create and populate a Personal Health Record (PHR) for you. A PHR can help you manage your health. Benefits include:

  • Enter and Update your Health Information
  • Print a summary of your health record.
  • Send your PHR to Prudential QA, or any physician in the United States.
  • Synchronize health data with Microsoft Health Vault.
  • Print an emergency access wallet card.
  • Store and share documents and images.
  • Track and graph health measures.

To create a Online Personal Health Record please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit and fill out the form to “Create a Free Account”.
  2. In the create a new account section enter a username, email address, and secure password.
  3. Review and Accept the Terms and Conditions. Then click the “Create Account” button to proceed.
  4. In the “Member Activation Code” field enter L9SYXUSCS6CY .
  5. Complete any remaining fields on the account registration screen and click on the “Submit” button to proceed to your personal health record.

If you have any questions regarding your NoMoreClipboard account please contact us toll free at (877) 643-3463 or by email at .

Thank you for choosing!

The provided Member Activation Code is the key to establishing your PHR account and gaining valuable access to your personal health information. Please treat this code and the user ID and password that you create for your NoMoreClipboard account as confidential information so that your privacy is protected.

PLEASE NOTE: Prudential QA will NOT have access to any information entered into your Personal Health Record. Any information entered is confidential and will not be shared or accessed by anyone without your consent. All data is secure within your account and can only be accessed with the username and password that you selected when your account was created.

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