Detailed Searching in E-Chart

When in the Enterprise Health system, the E-Chart sidemenu tab displays recent charts you’ve accessed, along with ability to search charts by different methods.  E-Chart automatically defaults to search in Simple search.

To do a more detailed search, click the Detailed  link from the list of Search Types. The detailed search filter screen will open with various filter fields to help narrow down a search for a chart by more detail.

To revert back to simple search, click the Simple  search type link.

Within the Detailed search screen, there are many fields you can create a detailed search for and many criteria you can select from in each drop-down field. It is not necessary to select or set something in every field. You can search by any or as many fields as you wish in order to narrow down your results. The more fields filled out, the more detailed and narrower the search.

The percent sign (%) is a hotkey to perform a CONTAINS search, followed by the letters you wish to search. In this example, we typed %art in the name field and clicked the Search button.  The system resulted matching charts with names of the letters ‘art’ in them.

When done keying in any detailed search criteria fields, click the Search button to render the results or the Clear All button to start another search. MIE can change a system setting to turn off the Search for SSN feature from simple and detailed searches, as well as the Document Queue search.  If your practice wishes not to offer the search by SSN nor show the SSN column in the patient search screen, please contact your MIE Implementer.  If SSN search is disabled, the SSN radio button will be removed from the search field criteria and the SSN column will not display.

Disabling the SSN search does not turn off the ability to search by SSN in other modules or layouts. An example of this is searching in the Super Doc Search of the Reports Tab. Those would have to be turned off/reprogrammed individually.  Contact your MIE Implementer if you wish SSN search to be turned off in other modules/layouts of  Enterprise Health or if just in patient simple/detailed/doc.queue searching.

SSN Search On/Off Views



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