E-Refills - My E-Rx Errors Tab

You can get to this tab by clicking on the E-Refills link in the alert taskbar at the top (if you have pending e-refills that need done) OR you can access this tab by going into E-Chart sidemenu tab, then selecting the E-Rx tab at the top.

The MY E-RX ERRORS tab is where to go to view and work your (the logged in e-Prescriber) specific e-script errors.

If you needed to view e-script errors for other users, you would view them from the E-Scripts tab instead.

The My E-Rx Errors screen shows a summary of any new prescriptions prescribed by you that went out electronically transmitted but have an error to them. These will remain here until you dismiss the error. You must acknowledge the error and/or work the specific error and make the correction from the patient’s e-meds module in the patient’s chart if need be.

Any errors that happen on any electronically sent prescription from you will show here in the My E-Rx Errors tab, but will also show you as an alert in the alert taskbar.

These could be a variety of errors for why the electronic transmit of the prescription didn’t go through or if there is a problem with the prescription. These errors need worked and corrected if need be from the e-meds module. Once corrected, you may need to resend.

Once done working the error, making the correction in the patient’s e-meds module or acknowledging the error, please click the dismiss link in that column. Once you dismiss the error, it will be removed from your alerts and from this errors tab.

You can still view and access a historical summary list of these errors from the E-Scripts tab in the category named New E-Scripts Error. A history of e-script errors is stored here. This entire E-Scripts tab and it’s categories can be viewed by all users in the Enterprise Health system.

If the My E-Rx Errors tab is blank, that means there are no errors to view or dismiss.

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