Inventory Tab - Blank Labels

If your system is set up to print Blank labels on special label paper, the Blank Labels tab can be found in the sidemenu tab of Inventory.

In the Blank Labels tab, it’s mainly used to print many labels and adhere to medication packaging – for example: OTC medications you offer that are pre-packaged by you.

Blank Labels functionality does also offer ability to key in a patient’s name and select from the auto-complete choice and the label will print with that specific patient’s info on it.

Otherwise, for general/blank labels that you may want to adhere to say OTC medication packages that you offer, you can enter all the medication label fields (name, form, sig, etc) also using auto-complete choices from the drug database.

When done, click SELECT WARNINGS button.

The Warnings regarding the specific medication that you keyed in will display. Check-mark any or all warnings to be printed on the label. You can uncheckmark warnings that you wish not to be on the label. Then click the PRINT LABELS button when done.

It will then show a print preview on your screen and you need to click the PRINT button to print the label on your special label paper & printer. You can print multiple of these ‘blank’ labels if you wish.

Blank Labels feature is configured for a Dymo label printer.

Orientation of the label (in portrait or landscape) can be programmed by MIE in the layout.

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